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Automatic Layup Machine
Cell strings laying up machine,working with Stringer.Cell strings are in parallel with the long side of the modules after conveyed in the Automatic Layup Machine,and adjusted mechanically and by CCD.
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    1.Receiving the cell strings outputted from the upstream equipment Auto Stringer.

     2. Pick up the cell string and put it in the adjusting mechanism.

     3.Adjust position of cell string.

     4. Receiving glass and EVA from production line.

     5. Adjust position of glass.

     6. Pick up the cell string from the adjusting mechanism.

     7.Laying the cell strings on the glass and EVA according to positive and negative polarity accurately(cell strings can be ranged horizontally or vertically on the glass).

      8.Outputting the modules after finishing laying.


Structural features:

1.Use whole servo closed loop control.

2.Adopt vacuum check technology.

3.Servo lateral locating, digital locating. Set location distance just on the upper computer,be capable of setting every lateral locating distance separately,high efficient in servo location.

4.Spinning part adopts electronic control and cooperates with robot joint reducer (back interval less than larc.min).Be capable of setting spinning degree randomly(set by upper computer) and setting each string’s spinning angle separately.

5.Glass location device is hand wheel type and intensifying type.The time to change glass is short and no need to use other tools like wrench.

6.Opening system and reserving about 30 percent hardware interfaces,which is convenient to the interface control of equipment and auxiliary devices.



Working voltage

AC380V, 3 Phase 5 Lines,50Hz

Rated power


Working air pressure


Average Air Consumption


Driving Mode

Servo driving

Positional accuracy of cell strings


Interval of cell strings

1~10mm (可调)

QTY of cell strings

4~12  (可调)


Full-cell :≤25S,half-cell:≤50S

Switching time


Applicable Module Size


Overall Dimensions


Total Weight

About 2500kg

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