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Auto EVA / TPT Cutting & Layup Machine
Used for cutting, punching and notching of solar cell modules EVA, TPT etc.
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Structural Features

1.The machine composed by the PLC, servo motor and air control system, digital sensor,easy to operate ,high in automatic and stable running.

2.Loading :by electrical loading, one worker can operate.

3.Inputting: EVA: stable tension control to input, Back sheet: auto tension control to input

4. Laying: EVA: the system adopts the auto outlet way, the machine hand auto pack the material after cutting. The Synchronous Control Technology is used to isolate the plate and battery and flat them in reverse direction. After laying, there is no fold on the surface of EVA.

5.Way of connection  EVA: continuous producing, by hot melt connection

Back sheet: continuous producing, by adhesive tape connection.

6.Cutting system: cutting knife by servo motor control, up and down blade. The blade is made by SH-9 high speed steel, long in working life and easy to maintain and install.


3 Phase 5 Lines,50/60Hz 4KW

Working air pressure


Average consumption


Module Size


    Max. Roll Diameter   

roll diameter:400-850mmback sheet  length:1200mEVA length: 800m

    Max. Roll Weight   


Precision request  

1. Cutting sizeEVA±2mm,back sheet±1mm diagonal :1.5mm

2. laying size request ±2mm

cutting request: flat and no zigzag

Roll direction 

 Both for Positive and negative rotate

Blade service period

5- 10 million times

Loading time

≤ 3min

Cycle time


Punch change time


Driving system

1500W Motor

Fixed length drive

Servo control

Control way

Mitsubishi PLC or same class   PLC

For detailed technical information and equipment operation video, please contact Double100