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Automatic Robot Layup Machine
From the first device to grab the battery string, judge for themselves whether to turning, after rotation is completed in a safe location, by the laser correlation photoelectric get battery string space coordinates, and then through the manipulator Angle
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Structural Features

1.Simple structure, small floor space, and wide range of arbitrary adjustment in manipulator space.

2.Easy to operate,the program can be adjusted quickly

3.The robot arm runs fast and the location is accurately.

4.Automatic control, monitor the working status of the equipment during the whole operation state, and provide soft/hardware protection to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

5.The equipment is reserved with the production line docking interface, which can be conveniently and quickly connected with the production line of our company.


Module size


Positioning mode 

Industrial robot+CCD



Layout direction

Relative glass can be horizontal, vertical laied



Cell spacing


Cell quantity



String quantity

4-12 adjustable

Switching time


Operating mode

Automatic cycle, manual and automatic mode can be switched

Operation interface

Chinese and English mode + keyboard, touch screen, easy to operate

Working voltage

AC380V3 Phase 5 Lines,50/60Hz 7KW

Air pressure

Pressure0.6MPa0.8MpaPipe diameterφ12*8

Overall dimension



About 2500KG

For detailed technical information and equipment operation video, please contact Double100