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Auto Edge Taping Machine
The four sides of the double glass adopt a belt servo drive mechanism. After the double glass enters, it returns to the right, the lower suction cup mechanism is lifted, and the suction cup is vacuumed when it is in place. The four sides of the tape drive
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Structural Features

1.The overall structure consists of a glass conveying correction unit, a tape edge sealing module, a servo screw mechanism, and a vacuum system.

2.The servo motor and the module combine to drive the edge banding mechanism to seal the edge, and the speed is fast and the precision is high.

3.The edge sealing system comprises a tape fixing mechanism, a tape sealing and pasting mechanism, a sealing mechanism, and a flattening mechanism.

4. Rolling the tape with the cowhells roller can flatten the tape to prevent rigid contact and avoid the probability of fragmentation and cracking of the cell.

Module size


Positionning accuracy


Tape change time





>99%,no fold, no bubble, no crack


four sides alignment

Tape length


 Tape width


Working voltage

AC380V,3 Phase 5 Lines,50/60Hz 4KW

Working air pressure


Average consumption


Overall dimension

3700mm* 2500mm*1650mm (L*W*H)


About 2000KG

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