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Full Auto Soldering Bussing Station
Automatically complete the interconnection soldering process of the PV module busbar including the arrangement of the junction box end and the non-junction box,the cutting&bending of busbar and the soldering of ribbon and busbar.
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      Auto bussing is achieved with a ceramic hold-down that incorporates the induction coil. Both parts are pushed against each other and heated inductively until the joint has been created.


1,German technical support,induction soldering,higher soldering quality without pollution to modules.

2,The design of the module can realize the different soldering modes of the upper and lower parts of the ribbons.The adjustment of local module can also realize the soldering of semi-chip modules, junction box in the middle,multigrid and other special modules .

3,Straight line type and L type ribbons are produced at each end of the machine , it guarantees the production efficiency and the stability of ribbon producing.

4,The soldering head is made of ceramic material, which greatly improves the service life  and greatly reduces maintenance time.

5,Flux added automatically,more convenient,more effective.

6,Transfer glasses in two-way according to production line requirement,adopt separate PLC to control the line,no effect by soldering.



Cell Types

Full cell,Half cell and Multigrid


Full cell≤25s,Half cell≤20s

Soldering method


Module Size


Breakage Rate

<0.2‰(according to cells quantity)

Leading Wire Angle  And Deviation

90°,deviation 2-3°

After Soldering    Tension

≥6N(180°counter pull)

Product Yield

≥99%(According to modules quantity)

Operation Ratio

≥98%(Maintenance time not included)

Busbar and Ribbons Laying   Types

Top or bottom(optional)

Overall Dimensions

5600x5000x2600 mm

Power Supply

AC380V,3 Phase 5 Lines,50-60Hz

Working air pressure


For detailed technical information and equipment operation video, please contact Double100