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Automatic Framing & Glue-filling Integrated Machine
A fully automatic framing machine, integrating the functions of frame loading, gluing, frame catching, framing and conveying; it greatly improves the production efficiency by accomplishing the technological process of module’s gluing and framing.
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      1, Process control precision, stable equipment operation.
    2, Borders surge bin, can store 20 sets of the borders, automatic feeding.
      3,Border stability of sealant evenly.
      4,Different specifications, fast HuanXing component implementation
      5, Manipulator, automatic swing frame, position accurately.

Structural Features:

Catching frames simultaneously at four sides to save time.

High precision framing, reliable and high production efficiency.

Adopt GRACO glue filling system,  gluing evenly and reliably.



Power Supply

AC380V  3 Phase 5 Lines,50Hz

Rated power


Working air pressure


Average Air Consumption


Size difference to opposite frame


Diagonal size difference


Frame height misalignment


Frame Gap


Driving Mode

Servo driving

Manipulator repeated positioning accuracy




Applicable Module Size


Frame Height 35-50mm,Compatible with no C-side frame

Overall Dimensions


Total Weight

About 5000kg

Control System

Touch screen(MCGS),Chinese/English mode,supporting remote maintenance,and connection to local production-management software

Operating Mode


For detailed technical information and equipment operation video, please contact Double100