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Auto Junction-Box Soldering Machine
The Junction Box Soldering Machine is an automatic soldering equipment for solar module. The equipment is designed with multi-functional soldering head, with the function of loading tin while soldering.
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Structural Features

1. Frame structure :The main structure is whole welded with square tube, solid and reliable.

2. Transmission system:The mode of the component is transverse entry, that is, three surface canvas conveyor belt feeding, the transmission motor is controlled by frequency conversion.

3. Soldering system:The soldering system is triad structure, with each soldering head three axis direction independent movement of X, Y, R, to ensure the best soldering position.

4. Vision system:CCD high-definition industrial camera with 5 to 10 million pixels is optional to achieve the precise positioning of the junction box.

 5.Automatic tin loading system: With the material shortage alarm device, can realize the quick replacement of tin wire, compatible with tin roll weight 1-3kg

6.Control system :The control system can interactively upload device information with MES system.

Module size


Type of junction box: standard, terminal triad, middle triad junction box

grid line5BB9BB12BB

Soldering method

Hot bar tinning shaping soldering

Solder spot positioning


Vision positioningAccuracy±0.5mm

After-soldering test function

Including height measurement and visual detection, with automatic identification and alarm of defective products, defective products with automatic repair welding function

Add function of tin


Automatic tin, tin amount can be set, accuracy ±0.1mm; Fast refueling < 1min; Compatible tin volume weight 1-3kg; Tin wire diameter 0.5-2mm; Lack of material alarm, tin abnormal alarm, alarm value can be set

Cleaning soldering head

Automatic timing/volume cleaning + cycle cleaning

Soldering head life






Type switching time

Switch according to the recipefirst switch2h

Soldering temperature

0-500℃ ±5℃

Solder spot positionning accuracy



Soldering tension


Surface requirement

No burr soldering, no virtual soldering, no

tin inside the wire box

Working voltage

AC380V3 Phase 5 Lines,50/60Hz 20KW

Working air pressure


Overall dimension

3550mm*1850mm*2050mm (L*W*H)


About 2000KG

For detailed technical information and equipment operation video, please contact Double100